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This special blend of Natural Herbs, Spices and Apple Cider Vinegar is designed to help you achieve your Weight Loss Goals, maintain a Healthy Digestive System, along with Detoxifying your other vital organs (Kidneys, Colon, and Liver). This Tea Blend is a Natural Fat Burner that will also help with Bloating, Reducing Water Weight, help with Constipation & Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In addition, this tea will Boost your Metabolism, Energy Levels, and Increase your Alertness and Focus.



  • Natural, Herbal, Detoxifying, Weight Loss Tea.
  • Promots a Healthy Colon, Liver, Kidneys and overall Digestive Health.
  • Burn Body Fat, Reduce Constipation. Reduce Water Weight.
  • Improves overall Health, Wellness and Mental Alertness.
  • Fat Burner, Energy Booster and Focus.The FLATBELLY Tea (1PK)

1 review for THE FLATBELLY TEA – 32OZ (1PK)

  1. Butch Yamali

    This product works. Just have to figure how much to drink and must drink a lot of water after. It suppresses your appetite and keeps things moving in your digestive system I found that taking 3-4 ounces daily worked for
    me. I highly recommend it I have to also say when I called the help line with a question I immediately got a call back great job!

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